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Common Law Marriage

Rights of unmarried couples on death or break up Over the past 20 years cohabiting couples have become the fastest growing family type in the UK, with some 3.3 million couples now choosing to live together wit...Read more

Preparing to sell your business

Whether or not you are starting to think about retirement, if you plan to sell your business in the future then there are some sensible preparatory steps that you can take to help achieve the best price for yo...Read more

Short term lettings: avoiding the pitfalls

Empty property is bad news for landlords.  It costs money in maintenance and rates, as well as being a possible target for vandals and squatters.  To maximise income from property, landlords may wish to seize ...Read more

Who has parental responsibility?

The composition of families in England and Wales has changed dramatically over the past twenty years and the number of children being brought up in single-parent, unmarried or same-sex families has now doubled...Read more