Independent Legal Advice

DMP are able to provide independent legal advice to third parties in transactions where a lender requires collateral security in support of a mortgage or loan facility.  

The need of independent legal advice can arise for example:

  • in residential conveyancing where a parent or other relative assists a buyer in the purchase of a home or
  • in a commercial context where directors (or their spouses) are supporting a loan to be advanced to a company or business partnership.

Independent legal advice from a separate solicitor helps to avoid any conflict of interest and lenders will routinely insist that advice is given by a different  solicitor from the one advising the borrower.

With specialist experience of the law relating to banking and asset finance, we can offer appropriate and timely independent advice to family members, directors, guarantors or anyone else providing third party security in such situations.  

We are happy to provide individual fees estimates in advance.